Cheese O's

CheeseO's Crunchy Puffed Cheese Bites Cheese & Onion 25g

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 High in Protein, Source of Calcium, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Low Carbs - Keto Friendly!


  • 100% IRISH CHEDDAR - Our "free range" cows feed on fresh grass for the majority of the year. This results in high-quality milk and therefore high-quality cheddar. You can really taste the difference in the finished product.
  • DELICIOUSLY CRUNCHY - unlike other cooked cheese snacks, Cheese O's are cooked under vacuum which creates "puffed" bites that have (in our opinion) a much nicer texture than the alternatives. There is also no fatty residue left on your fingers as there can be with other products.
  • NUTRITIONALLY STRONG – just under 10g protein per pack; ca. 30% more protein and 10% less fat than peanuts. Also Low Carb (Keto friendly!) and Gluten Free.
  • UNIQUE FLAVOURS – unlike other cooked cheese snacks, Cheese O's don’t come in just a range of cheese flavours but are seasoned to taste just like some of the most popular crisp products. The tastiest cheese ever!